Simple Interiors London | Rotpunkt Kitchens
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Rotpunkt Kitchens

  • Power MM Gold Matt/Glanz; Zerox HOR SY Sherwood Manhattan; Tempo SY Sherwood Manhattan
  • Iron KQ Blue Steel; Leaf KQ Euca Mocca
  • Informa MX Daylight Grey; Zerox VER HPL XT Nogero; Zerox HOR HPL XT Nogero
  • Informa LX Verde; Iron KQ Goldrush; Home MX Weiss
  • Zerox HPL Atlantik; Zerox HPL Weiss
  • Zerox FM Daylight Grey XT; HOR Faggio; Iron KQ Blue Steel
  • Zerox SY VER Sherwood Bronx; Iron KQ Goldrush
  • Patchy SY Sherwood Manhattan; Jewel PS Pearl Titane
  • Leaf KQ Euca Caramel; Luxio LX Marrone; Jewel PS Pearl Copper
  • Smala P Bardiola; Power MG Silver
  • Smala P Grigio; Power LX Marrone; Raw 17 B Pastel Smoke
  • Smala MX Snow; Power MG Kupfer
  • Linara LX R15 Daylight Grey; Midnight Blue
  • Ergo MX Snow; LX Moss
  • Concrete Beton Kashmir Quattro Hf Walnuss
  • Splendit B VER Old Wild Oak; Splendid B HOR Old Wild Oak
  • Zerox FM Schwarz; Zerox FM Tessilo
  • Home MX Weiss
  • Zerox HPL Schwarz; Leaf KQ Late Oak
  • Greenline Zerox HPL Carbon
  • Splendid Dark Real Oak; Med White Glace
  • Iron KQ Corton Steel; Leaf KQ Euca Caramel
  • Memory MT R15 Nogero; Power HL Weiss
  • Rotpunkt Drawers

Rotpunkt and Simple Interiors: Your Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen has become the hub of the modern home, and Rotpunkt certainly do their “Centre of Life” philosophy justice. Their “Made in Germany” seal of quality lives through their vast range of products, each one thoughtfully designed and crafted to suit your own unique tastes.

Whether classic, modern, or somewhere in-between, Rotpunkt from Simple Interiors no doubt has the perfect kitchen for your home and your family. Let’s take a look at the different types of front materials available…



From solid colours to wood and metallic effects, to special on-trend finishes, a laminate kitchen can give you almost any style you desire at excellent value for money. This high quality synthetic material is resistant to wear and tear and extremely durable.

View the Rotpunkt Laminate range here.



Lustrous high-gloss surfaces that shimmer in the light and super-chic matt finishes come in a wide range of colours. From timeless whites and greys to vibrant and playful colours that make a statement, a lacquer kitchen brings unmistakable sophistication to your home.

View the Rotpunkt Lacquer range here.


Wood Veneer

A kitchen classic, but this does not mean that it has to be old-fashioned. A wood veneered kitchen can be modern and sleek as well as timeless and charming. Either style is full of character. Whether maple, oak or cherry, the wood surfaces are specially treated to ensure long-term protection and quality.

View the Rotpunkt Wood Veneer range here.


Oak Line Edition

Enjoy the warmth and beauty of solid wood surfaces. Distinctive notches, knotholes and rough edges are part of the character and individuality of a Rotpunkt Oak Line Edition kitchen. Truly a visual experience, the wood can be the basis of a rustic, charming space with roughened or distressed finishes, or the perfect way to offset a more contemporary, sophisticated kitchen. As above, Rotpunkt wood surfaces are specially treated to ensure long-term protection and quality.

View the Rotpunkt Oak Line Edition range here.